Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are again! These new years come around surprisingly quickly, don’t they?

It’s been years since I made a resolution – felt like I was setting myself up for an annual failure!  And perhaps I was, but this year I’m feeling the urge to do it again anyway. What’s life without regular failure, eh?? ;0)  

In the past, the old favorite was to lose weight, and yep, it still makes the list! But now that 90 pounds are already gone, (and only four pounds sneaked back on over the holiday season, so yay!)  it is now just a determination that that last stubborn 15 will get the hell offa my butt!  
Clearly, that will change my life for the better. :p

But seriously now, in 2017:
I resolve to say no when I have to, and yes when I want to. 

 I resolve to listen to myself more and others less.

I resolve to work harder at my drawing, take tutorials, experiment and improve, improve, improve…and be less critical of the final work.  I may never be an artist who achieves photo-realism, but I know from the huge response to my art/craft fairs this year that I’m not too shabby at what I do either!

And I resolve to write more, be it journal stuff or blog stuff or whatever. It’s good for me!  And sooner or later, using Candy Crush as a stress reliever will have to come to an end, and I’ll need a replacement so I don’t have a breakdown… :o)  Write, write, write!

I saw a lady older than me the other day who was wearing crazy colors, had gorgeous turquoise highlights in her hair and the cutest red boots EVER!  She was color and glory and beauty on a dismal winter day and my gray on gray on gray ensemble suddenly seemed so….NOT me!   She exuded excitement, laughter and confidence. Her very presence made me smile and say hi!  And her enthusiastic response and consequent chatter made me feel as though she was some kind of insta-family.  My kinda people. So I resolve to embrace the inner hippie that I love so much! I never feel more at home in my own skin  than when I am wearing something a little bohemian and colorful, when my (untouched by hairdresser for over a year now!) hair is a little wild and unmanageable, when my eyeliner is a little too blue and my lipstick a little too purple. When I ignore the little (bitch!) voice inside my head telling me I’m too old for those purple tights with that shortish denim skirt!
If I have one life, then let it be filled with color!

I resolve to work on my ever encroaching agoraphobia. I am overly content to be at home in my much-loved studio. I am less and less likely to be out and about, and I don’t really wanna become that person, so I’ll visit more and hunker less. I’ll visit stores that are out of my neighborhood and comfort zone, but which beckon with all their treasures. (Dick Blick, Boston!! OMG!  Ikea, Stoughton!! ) 

And I hereby renew my lifelong resolve to never wear sweatpants, yoga pants or leggings except if I’m working out….so like, never… 

Happy New Year, folks! May your 2017 be filled to the brim with whatever makes you happy!

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