Monday, August 3, 2015

Nostalgia Day

It’s a day when my thoughts are in the past. Back in the glory days when I used to complain about spending half my life in a car waiting for Rachel and Tommy to get out of school/rehearsal.  Who knew I would ever long for those days again.  To see that tall, handsome, beautiful boy coming toward the car, to hear the latest gossip (oh, those stories!) and to have a laugh about something, anything.

My thoughts go back to you often and I relive those days when you were just another kid in my houseful of kids, both my own and the Loft kids, watched over, admired, chastised when necessary, loved.

I miss it all.  I miss you all.

And on your 21st birthday, dear Tommy, I miss you especially, and my thoughts have been with you and your family a whole lot today, as I’ve read the birthday wishes on your FB.

To all those Acting Loft kids who had a second home at my home, I hope you all know how much all of us Loft moms loved all of you.

We were a family, and I just wanted you to know how loved you always are in my mind.


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