Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

And so it is done. We are home from a wonderful few days at Pawtuckaway State Park, where Melly married Patrick in a really beautiful ceremony, in a really beautiful setting.  Today, I’m doing that reliving thing, making sure that various things are set firmly in my memory.  Photos are wonderful, of course, but there are things that I want in my head – snapshots in time that I can pull up at any time. Visuals, sure, but words, smells, feelings. They are my special snapshots!
There are, of course, plenty of actual photos though.  A very lovely man named Pat took the pro shots and they will be available a little later, but in the meantime,  looky here friends, family and folks!

Mel and Patrick with Steven and Mike, creators of Pawtuckaway Wedding Ale

Friday night camping dinner with family and friends and, below, a brilliant new use for an underused canoe!

Family and good friends gathered in this beautiful, woodsy setting and below, a good friend of both bride and groom, Fred, got ready to officiate!

Fred and Patrick wait for the main event and, below, the bride's sister and maid of honor, Rachel, and the groom's brother and best man, Kevin, walk down the aisle!

 And then she comes, this beautiful bride! On the arm of Mike, who was so proud to be walking her down the aisle and, below, delivering her to her future husband!

A beautiful exchange of vows between bride and groom and, below, a kiss to seal the deal. I love this picture of Mr and Mrs Flynn!!

Happy and emotional parents of the bride (who forgot their tissues!)

The best family picture in forever, (thanks to Patrick's brother, Kevin) and, below, some excellent time spent with awesome old friends, Mike and Karen!  So glad they joined us!

Mike had this little Troy-shadow during the reception and, below, I got a turn with both boys!

 We caught up with Monica and Travis, who now live close enough to join us and, below, we ate and ate and drank and drank some more!

 Nana and Maxwell spent a little time together and, below, there was wiffle ball for all those who had the energy after all that food and drink!

There were brownies galore, made by me and, below, S'mores galore, made by Mel, Rachel and friends as giveaway wedding favors!  Mmm....good!

Then there was the traditional cake ceremony. Look at these guys...I love them!  And then, below, we chilled around an enormous campfire, drank a little too much, ate more burgers and dogs and chatted about the day.

It was 100% awesome. We loved all of it and now we are home again, as the newlyweds head off on an epic, month long road trip honeymoon traveling around the country.  Much love and best wishes to Melly and Patrick, the new Mr and Mrs Flynn,and thank you for some awesome memories. 
It’s what us oldies live on, you know!



  1. Lois, thank you! This is just a perfect remembrance of a perfect day.

  2. What a lovely memory making day!!!