Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No forgiveness here

Someone sent me a forwarded message which suggested that the way back, after all this horror,  is to fill our hearts with love and light, and find forgiveness in our hearts for the perpetrators.

The way  Bostonians rallied after the tragedy, the amazing generosity of body and spirit, the solidarity, the courage – there is much to admire and respect, and my heart is full as I read people’s stories. It is hard to fathom how hundreds of people put aside thoughts of their own safety, and rushed headlong into the middle of such a huge mess. I am floored by the scenes I’m seeing. So many people running instinctively TOWARD the area where the bombs exploded.  It boggles my mind, but I am filled with admiration and huge respect. I wonder how many of us have that sort of selfless caring in us.  They’re inspirational. And they show us something which keeps that little spark of hope alive. There is humanity, there is still love and there is still hope.
But don’t talk to me about forgiveness.
 I don’t want to get forwarded messages purporting to be from angels, (that one is particularly offensive) explaining how to go on with understanding and forgiveness in our hearts.  Do not mention forgiveness to me unless your beautiful, beloved daughter was within yards of the finish line, as mine was, right in between the two blasts, suffering the hellish terror of the event.  I will debate forgiveness with you only if you can tell me you shared the agony of those two minutes of waiting for her to respond.
Two minutes.  Two millennia.
I, like millions of others, stand with Boston as recovery begins, to show that Boston survives, America survives, we survive with strength and purpose. You did not win anything, you miserable, cowardly  fuckers. You brought us to our knees, but today we stumble to our feet and begin to shuffle forward and by tomorrow we will gather our strength and our stride will gain purpose once more. They will not stop the spirit of Boston, even though they slow our pace and make us as a people grieve as one.

I am keeping love and immense caring and respect in my heart for those who suffered most, love for those whose suffering will continue endlessly as they come to terms with disabilities and devastating loss  and love for those who showed so much care and love themselves, as they helped those unfortunate injured.  I have not lost  faith in humanity, as Monday’s horror showed us the best as well as the worst  – and I am not filled up with the need for vengeance, but I am not ashamed to say that I hope there is a miserable death waiting for these criminals who, on Monday, changed the face of a beautiful sunny Boston afternoon. No forgiveness or understanding here.

Do not forward  bullshit emails to me about forgiveness .

I remain inspired by the good, amazed and uplifted by the spirit of hope - but I still hope the perpetrators die slowly, and I hope there’s a Hell.

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