Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Being patient

I am a busy person. It's true that I don't go out to work each day, but I still don't really do "down time" all that well. Normally I have a bunch of school work, somewhere to go, something that HAS to be painted, designed, sewn, written, read, crafted, knitted - well, you see how it is.  Or, rather, how it was.
They tell me I'll get back there - I'm trying to believe.
Meanwhile, there's always some crap on TV or a movie I've never bothered to see.  And the couches are reasonably comfortable, so perhaps I should be grateful for those small mercies.
And they do keep telling me I'll get back there...

Today was a good day, though. I finished up this painting of Jazzi looking sheepish!

And I did a quick painting of Tipsy curled up behind her tail and glaring at me with those evil eyes which so clearly say, "wtf was wrong with life without a second cat, anyway?"

And then I did this self-portrait, which is as yet untitled, but will probably be called something like - "Swamped by all the crazy."  LOL - Well, that's what I was feeling when I was throwing that color around, anyway.

Not the most artistically immaculate art I've ever created, but a bit of fun anyway. Exhausted - feel like I did waaaay more than I actually did today, so back on the couch with an early glass of wine and some cheese and crackers.  Now, where were we, Dr. Phil/Judge Judy/Family Guy/Presidential Debate!

Have a cool and colorful day, and remember that it's all about being patient.

At least - that's what they tell me.

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  1. Being patient, eh ? I don't know. You sure have been dealt a big plate to be patient with.

    These pieces are great fun !!! I love the self portrait the best, though, I think. I love that you got loose and crazy with it and yet, the face is a good likeness too, I think. Glad you got to escape into the art a little.
    Big hugs, my patient friend !