Thursday, January 26, 2012

All those little things

Ok. Today,  I have learned a little something about interpersonal communication and how to handle conflict. In theory anyway! ;o)   I have learned a whole lot about American government – one of the most freakin’ complicated and involved subjects I’ve ever come across. >:o(   I have done a ton of laundry, worked out, knitted a few rows of a pretty cool scarf while watching Judge Judy, (do I want to change my major to criminal justice and work in the court system??)  crocheted a new edge of a cool poncho thingy I found at Goodwill. :0)  I have done my guitar practice…can now play Scarborough Fair without 30 second pauses between chord changes, although still can’t hold strings down hard enough to get rid of that muted sound, especially with the finger I once stuck under a mower. (Really?? You’re not supposed to do that?? Well, go figure!) I have vacuumed, removed a layer of dust from various surfaces, walked the dogs, watched two episodes of Family Guy, including my favorite (“that’s right, Mr. Giraffe, get all the marmalade”  Hahahahaha!!)  I have cooked a 4 oz steak and a cool mixture of peppers, onions, mushrooms and zucchinis without setting off the smoke alarm. I have written a paper, read a chapter of my textbook and dyed my roots. (Not that they really needed it, you understand, but …. oh never mind!)  In my mind I have already started my next art project, courtesy of a very cool photo taken by Mike last year at Ogunquit. It is so summery and beachy – it will hold the rest of the winter at arm’s length very nicely!  Maybe I’ll actually put paint to canvas tomorrow!
Tipsy is sitting with me as usual, curled up and purring, and I’m ready to veg out and watch Project Runway.  It has been a pretty good day. Yep, it’s the little things, right??
Happy Australia Day, folks!!

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  1. Lois, you make me feel like a slacker!!! What a full day you've had...AND you sound like you still have steam in your engine! It is most definitely the little things (now I am off to make a BIG to do list for tomorrow!!! lol!!)